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This Online Estimates Feature Will Save Your Business Time and Money


Whether you’re a construction company, contractor, or another high-value service provider, an automated free quote feature will save you an abundance of time, energy, and money. It can also help you gather and sort the most relevant information for your business and client files.

With Quote by Linkeo, your potential customers get a reliable and accurate, online estimate in just a few clicks. The 3-in-1 tool also includes automatic quotes and invoices.  Linkeo was founded with the mission to help small businesses grow by using digital support tools and online marketing resources. With 40,000 websites and counting, they know what it takes to build your online presence from the ground up.

Free estimates are a great way to offer transparency and value while obtaining and retaining clients who are compatible with your business goals. Upwards of 80% of the public consult the internet before finalizing a purchase—so you need to make sure your online presence is set up to automatically lead them through your sales funnel.

Online Estimates: What’s in It for Potential Clients?

Aside from providing transparency and the fact that it’s easy and free, your prospective customers will also benefit from the convenience of the Quote feature.

Often people only stick around for a minute or so on the landing page before moving on. They want instant information and responses. It’s not always realistic for business owners and staff to be doing calculations and answering messages immediately and quickly, all day long. Automating this process gives your customers imminent access to the info they need in order to at least decide if your services are right for them or not. If they get an instant response from another website while you’re manually responding to their inquiry, they may seal the deal in the time you’re typing.

Many businesses can post visible, skimmable stats (i.e., service and price lists) for their browsing customers, but price rates for contractors are fluid, not set. The next best thing is to provide a visible one-step tool that will offer a personalized rate.

To summarize, Quote is:

  • Simple
  • Quick
  • Free
  • Honest
  • And convenient

Beyond Online Estimates: A 3-in-1 Tool

While online estimates are life-changing on their own, Quote by Linkeo takes it a step further with its automatic quote and invoicing tool. Once your client chooses to go forwards with the estimate, the solution will generate a complete and polished quote you can approve and send. Down the line, when the job is complete, you can benefit from Quote’s easy invoicing platform that does all the numbers and calculations for you.

Got too much work? An online estimates solution can help! Thank you to Planet Fox on Pixabay for this fun photo. And to Ivan Samkov on Pexels for the fabulous thumbnail

Online Estimates: What’s in It for Your Business? 

Quote by Linkeo is a gift that keeps giving back. Not only does it provide your client with an instant ballpark quote so they can make an informed decision independently, saving you time, money and energy—it also presents with valuable information in an organized and straightforward way.

Useful Information Display

The Quote solution gathers general profile info from your client in a tidy format, building an automatic file/database for reference. You’ll quickly be able to see if their job is a match for your resources or if the takeaway isn’t worth it. For approved projects, the solution is set up so you can finalize your official quote in just a few clicks. Same goes for invoices, a tedious step that many business owners put off, impeding their cash flow and bogging down their to-do list. The feature is easy to integrate into any website, social media platform, or Google My Business page. Plus, your clients will love its attractive and professional box format.

Online Estimates Save Energy

While Quote’s intuitive communication will save you from all confusion, it will also help you conserve your energy for what matters. The estimate is automatic, functioning without attention from you or staff, so you can use that typing energy to follow up once Quote has presented you with a lucrative project. Because the form is so straightforward, it will save you from doing the quoting labour for dozens of tiny projects that aren’t worth it, presenting you only the final step for you to choose from. And once you and the prospect approve the project, the official quote and invoicing process are a breeze.

Online Estimates Save Time

Quote will save you tons of time, avoiding hours doing manual calculations and presenting estimates to customers who ultimately reject you. With automatic online estimates, you know right away if a job is too insignificant to take on. If it turns out to be a great fit, the tool has all the info it needs to create an automatic quote and later proceed with invoices and billing. Quit wasting time on tasks that can be automated. Instead, project your efforts towards the human aspects of your business. Some things are done better by a human, and others by a program—conserve your time for the growth only you can bring forth.

Online Estimates Save Money

As we know, time is money. While you save energy in the time you don’t spend doing automatable tasks; you also save money in the time and energy saved. Herein lies Quote’s trifecta of efficiency. With your time and energy freed up, you’re able to tackle other profit growth strategies. Putting more into marketing, networking, training, quality checks, team building, and creativity will turn into a much higher ROI. Don’t waste another second doing anything a digital solution can take care of for you!

online estimates-quote by linkeo

Any chance you’re wanting a … quote on Quote? You’ll only pay $75/month for this automated digital solution! We’ve got package deals for construction companies and service providers too. Check out Linkeo here for more info.

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