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Instagram Shopping: How to Sell Products on Everyone’s Favourite Social Media Platform

Do you have an e-commerce site and an Instagram profile? Available for professional accounts since 2018, Instagram’s shopping feature lets you directly tag your products so you can promote them and redirect qualified traffic to your online store.  We’ll show you how Instagram Shopping works.

 How does it work ?

Instagram Shopping posts can be regular posts or stories.  Developed in conjunction with Shopify, this feature is meant to help professionals promote and market their products on the social media platform. Artisans and merchants can tag their products on Instagram posts and inspire purchase by directing the user to the item on the brand’s e-commerce site.

Though it’s convenient for Internet users, Instagram Shopping was mainly designed for brands.  The feature offers tools that allow  professionals to increase traffic to their online store. Before this was only possible via a link in users’ Instagram profiles.

To make sales on Instagram, you need to fulfill a few conditions. You’ll need a professional Instagram account, and you’ll need to make sure you respect all Instagram sales rules. Instagram only allows people to sell physical products and not services, and all users must also set up a Facebook catalogue.  As a final point, Instagram Shopping is only available for companies who operate out of certain countries.

Posts that contain a link to an item will be labelled with a small shopping cart symbol.  All Internet users need to do is click on this symbol and they’ll be able to view product details directly on the image.  When they click on the product, the Internet user will be redirected to an intermediary page generated by Instagram, including the product image, name, price and description.  If the visitor is interested, they can continue and choose to be redirected to the advertiser’s site.

 Why should I try Instagram Shopping?

Instagram Shopping improves the user experience by providing consumers with comprehensive product information before they even look for it.  In just a few clicks, Internet users can easily find the products they see on Instagram.  For a company, Instragram Shopping is a free way to boost conversions and make the purchase process easier and faster.  And it’s even possible to include up to 5 products on a single post.  The feature lets Instagram act like a digital storefront.  With Instagram’s strong reputation, Shopping brings added visibility to companies.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to seduce new clients! 

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More than 70% of avid shoppers consult Instagram to find products.       
(Source: Facebook)  

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