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Customer Case Study: Lemonde Service. Enr.


Since 2012, Lemonde Service Enr. has boosted their online visibility with a Linkeo website, Facebook page, and Google Ad campaigns.





Going strong after three generations, Lemonde Service Enr. are the leading appliance repair experts in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec. And are the region’s go-to service providers whenever a home appliance breaks down.  Known as “the best in the city,” owner Pascal Lemonde is flooded with requests.


Frustrated with his overpriced, outdated website, Pascal Lemonde was looking for an all-inclusive offer to attract new clients to his service. In addition to a sleek, fresh company image, he wanted to promote business during less busy times of the year and reduce long hours spent on admin tasks.


“With Linkeo, I saw a big difference,” says Lemonde. (And at half the price of our competitors!) People tell me my website is beautiful, well designed, and easy to understand.”

Homepage for Lemonde de service enr., courtesy of Linkeo

And with his website creation package, Lemonde can make changes to his site’s content and photos at any time. Lemonde also takes advantage of Linkeo’s renowned Google Ads campaigns that are published throughout the year. Lemonde loves that he can carry over any unused portion of his budget and save it for his industry’s slow season.

It’s an extremely valuable recipe for small businesses,” says Lemonde.

The nature of the field means Lemonde often needs to work impossible hours, especially since COVID which has seen an influx of overused appliances.

I refer customers to my website on my voicemail,” he says. “I will write back at 11 p.m., but I won’t call you back at 11 p.m.” With his website’s contact form, he can set up an appointment for the next day from the comfort of his own home.

Clients can also send photos and videos of their broken appliances to the company’s Facebook Page, also provided by Linkeo.


Since working with Linkeo, Lemonde reports that he has way more clients than he did before.

I haven’t had this much work in 35 years,” he says.

Lemonde’s site gets over 900 visitors per month. Out of these, over 35.1% will contact him to inquire about services. A conversion rate of 2.4% is considered to be good. 35% is nothing short of phenomenal.

I even have more clients than I can take on,” he says. “What’s changed with Linkeo is that our losses are much less significant.

While the months between August and November were once quite slow, with the seasonal ad campaigns, Lemonde is astonished that he “no longer has any dead times.” And in case that ever changes, Linkeo has a solution. For now, you can find Lemonde on the road, on the phone or booking appointments from his computer.

“My work is so diverse, there is nothing I don’t love doing,” he says. And at Linkeo, we’re here to make sure he stays busy doing what he loves.


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